The T-Room
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T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 1 (The Town Clock)

First Transmitted 27.8.1986



Roy Barraclough as Hickory Dickory-Dock

The episode opens in Thomas's Grandad's junk shop. Thomas is playing in a dressing-up crate when he hears T-Bag's voice calling him.

A book flies off a shelf and lands on a table. T-Bag appears in the book and enchants him into it (where he appears as T-Shirt). Debbie then comes into the shop. She hears the voice of Hickory from inside the book. She opens it and finds Hickory sobbing because the people in the book are in "terrible trouble". She wills herself into the book (by "Thinking Small") to help with the situation.

T-Bag reveals to T-Shirt that her powers have returned by means of her new T-Plant (a fine specimen of Maximus brewuppacuppa).

Hickory explains that T-Bag has taken up residence in the book and stolen the silver numbers from the clock in the town square. Debbie works out that by putting the clock out of action, T-Bag had stopped time in the book, and so stopped the stories in the book from ever ending, and as such, she would not be destroyed.

T-Bag brainwashes T-Shirt into forgetting Debbie.

Hickory and Debbie set off to look for the silver numbers and find the number one on Hickory's meddle. Debbie then sets off to story nuber 2 to find the second number.

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