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Wonders in Letterland

Episode 5 (Debbie in the Land of P)

First transmitted 2.5.1985




Debbie arrives at the North Pole. She comes across Polar Pete painting at an eisel. The Picture is completely white. He tells her that he is painting a polar bear playing in the snow. He asks Debbie if she is hungry and they go off to his cabin.

In his cabin, she notices that he has a load of model planes hanging from the ceiling. He offers Debbie a range of food, including pizza. Debbie settles for the pizza. He offers he some mustard to go on her pizza, and she scrapes about half of the pot onto it. He stops her just as she goes to eat it, telling her that she has used far too much and that she will burn herself eating that much mustard. He gives her a fresh slice.

In the T-Room, T-Shirt is relaxing looking at his comic book. T-Bag calls to him to make sure that he's done his homework, watered the T-Plant and done all the housework. He has. She tells him to make himself useful, and he gets fed up with her. He grabs her new portrait off the table and draws glasses, a beard and moustache on it. T-Bag then comes into the room and he hides the picture. She demands a cup of tea. She picks up her portrait and asks T-Shirt if he has seen it. She looks at it and tells T-Shirt off for his vandalism. She looks in the saucer and sees that Debbie has made friends with Polar Pete. T-Shirt asks if they are going down there to sort things out so he can play in the snow. T-Bag tells him off for being so ridiculous. T-Bag tells him that they had better get wrapped up for the snow. T-Shirt asks if he can do it for her, and he uses his magic. T-Bag gets wrapped up in brown paper and string like a parcel.

Back in Pete's hut, Debbie asks him if he paints anything other than snow. He shows her a picture of the golden letter P. Debbie asks him where he saw it to paint it. She asks him to take her to it. Pete agrees, so long as they get wrapped up properly against the cold.

They go out into the snow, just before T-Bag and T-Shirt appear in the hut. T-Bag decides that they should go back to the T-Room for another cup of tea.

On the way to the letter, Debbie whinges that she is tired, but Pete tells her that they don't have far to go. They eventually arrive and find the pole, with the P at the top of it. They can't reach it, so Debbie tries to get it by climbing on Pete's back. They still can't reach it, so Debbie has the idea of throwing snowballs at it to try to knock it down.

T-Bag sees what they are doing, so she encases the P in ice. Polar pete tries to break the ice with a pick, but T-Bag turns the pick into a bunch of flowers. Pete tells her that they should take it back to the hut where he has a hammer and chisel.

T-Bag is waiting in the hut. T-Shirt is playing with the planes until T-Bag tells him to hide with her behind a curtain. When Pete arrives with Debbie, he notices that his stuff has been interfered with. He traces a trail of peanuts (that T-Bag has been eating) to the curtain and pulls it back to reveal T-Bag and T-Shirt.She barges past him and goes to demand the numbers from Debbie. T-Shirt butts in and asks T-Bag if he can play in the snow. T-Bag takes him to one side and tells him off for ruining her picture and being a pain in the neck. Polar Pete overhears this and offers to paint her portrait. T-Bag refuses, saying that his pictures are rubbish, but Polar Pete flatters her into having her portrait painted. She tells T-Shirt to take Debbie out in the snow whilst she poses. T-Shirt is overjoyed and drags Debbie out of the door.

Out in the snow, T-Shirt is charging about in the snow, but Debbie is reading a book. T-Shirt asks if he can have a look. He asks her what the squiggly patterns are on the paper, and Debbie explains that they are letters and words. T-Shirt tells her that his comic is full of those, but he only looks at the pictures. Debbie then starts to teach him to read, and T-Shirt finds it really fun.

T-Bag is still having her portrait painted. Polar Pete is doing the full works - putting his thumb up, and everything. T-Bag asks him if he's finished, and he has. She looks at the picture, but it turns out that he's painted his thumb. T-Shirt comes in and tells T-Bag that Debbie has been teaching him how to read. T-Bag yells at Debbie and tells her that teaching him to read is an evil thing to do. Debbie says that it's evil not to allow people, and asks her what she's so afraid of. T-Bag denies being afraid, and tells Debbie that she should be more worried now that the letter is encased in ice. She goes to take T-Shirt back to the T-Room, but then she notices the slice of pizza with the mustard on and takes a big bite. She starts glowing red and yelling at T-Shirt to get her something cool. T-Shirt rushes off to find something.

Polar Pete leads T-Bag by the arm and sits her on the block of ice with the P in it. As she cools down on it, the ice melts and releases the P. When she gets up, Debbie grabs the letter and rushes off with a hasty farewell to Pete. T-Bag yells out to T-Shirt to stop her, but T-Shirt rushes in with a bucket of cold water and throws it over T-Bag.


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