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Wonders in Letterland

Episode 4 (Debbie in the Land of I)

First transmitted 25.4.1985




Debbie arrives outside an old Inker (not a spelling mistake!) temple. She hears a twig crack behind her and spins around as a hand clasps across her mouth. The hand belongs to an adventurer, Indiana Inkspot. He tells her to be quiet because there are eyes everywhere. Debbie explains that she is after the golden letters, but Indiana doesn't know what she's talking about.

Indiana explains that he is after the lost treasure of the Inkers. He explains that the golden inkwells, ink pens and ink stands of the Incas have been found. He then explains that he is after the golden ink stamp. He is suspicious of Debbie, thinking that she is after the treasure that he has been looking for for most of his carreer. Debbie assures him that she isn't, and he eventually believes her. He asks if she wants to team up with him, and she agrees.

In the T-Room, T-Bag asks T-Shirt how he is getting on with the housework. T-Shirt complains about having to do it all under his breath. He asks T-Bag why she doesn't do it all by magic, but she tells him no. It is revealed that she has told T-Shirt to wash a load of scarves in water infused with leaves from the T-Plant. T-Bag's plan is that snyone who wears one of these scarves (each with a letter T on it) will fall under her power and be devoted members of the T-Set. She looks in the saucer and is furious when she sees that Debbie has already reached the land of I. T-Shirt is impressed and remarks about how well Debbie is doing. T-Bag is obviously hurt by this. She formulates a plan.

Indiana tells Debbie that there must be a clue to the whereabouts of the treasure. He tells Debbie that they should split up and see what they can find. Indiana goes to look around the temple.

T-Bag decides to go down to the temple and nip Debbie and Indiana's partnership in the bud.

Indiana finds some engravings on a wall and calls to Debbie, thinking that they must be a clue. T-Bag appears with T-Shirt, both disguised as archaeologists. She tells Indiana that Debbie is part of their expedition and that she likes to take all the credit for herself, which is why she hasn't told him that she is part of an expedition. She tells Indiana that once she has laid her hands on the treasure, she is quite likely to drop the rest of them like hot potatoes. Indiana is disturbed by this and asks how he knows that he can trust their information. T-Bag gives him a scarf and tells him to accept it as a token of their trustworthiness and friendship. Indiana puts it on and T-Bag puts him in her power and tells him that he must not let Debbie find the letter I. Debbie calls to Indiana from a distance, and T-Bag and T-Shirt go back to the T-Room.

Debbie comes in and notices the engravings on the wall. She tries to solve it. Whilst she is trying to solve it, Indiana tries to distract her. She solves the clue eventually. It reads "Go to the Island in the ...." then there is a picture of a ladder. Debbie tries to find the next part of the clue, saying that she's itching to find the island.

T-Bag hears this and decides to really make her itch. Just as she's going to weave her spell, T-Shirt asks if he can do it. T-Bag is skeptical, but lets him have a go. He wafts one hand over the saucer, and T-Bag tells him that he has to be more dynamic and use both hands. She demonstrates, and then T-Shirt does it, but the spell is cast on T-Bag. He doesn't know how to undo the spell, so T-Bag just ahs to carry on itching.

Debbie finds a loose stone in the wall of the temple, and twiddles it. A panel in the wall rotates to reveal a drawing of a ladder with letters around the outside. The word "Fool" is written at the top and Debbie finds that she has to use the letters around the outside of the ladder, changing one letter at a time until she reaches the bottom of the ladder. When shen gets to the bottom, she finds that the word is "Cave".

She finds a cave entrance next to the temple and goes in.

T-Bag is still itching in the T-Room, and she demands that T-Shirt takes the itch away. He tries, but gives her a twitch instead. He tries to make the twitch go away, but only succeeds in bringing back the itch. He tells her that she will just have to wait for the spell to wear off.

Inside the cave, Debbie comes across a chamber with a large pool in the middle. In the middle of the pool, is a small, square, stone island with the treasure of the Incas on it and the golden letter I. The distance between the pool and the shore looks small enough to jump, but not small enough to jump confidently. Debbie suggests that Indiana jumps across, but he refuses in case he falls into the water (he can't swim and neither can Debbie).

Debbie decides that it looks too easy to cross the water and get the treasure. Indiana suggests that there may hidden dangers in the water, so Debbie takes a handkerchief from her satchel and dips it in the water. It vanishes. It turns out that the water is in fact invisible ink and anything that falls in will never be seen again. He takes his scarf out from his jacket to mop his forehead, and Debbie asks him where he got it. Indiana tells her that her friends gave it to him. Debbie distracts him, take it off him and throws it into the ink, where it vanishes forever.

The spell is then broken. Debbie notices that there are some convenient planks lying around the cave. They use them to cross to the island.

In the T-Room, T-Bag stops itching. She sees that Indiana is on the island, and goes to the cave. In the cave, she vanishes the planks so Indiana cannot get back. She goes back to the T-Room.

Debbie finds a vine growing into the cave and swings it over to Indiana, who swings back across. He gives her the letter I.

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