The T-Room
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Wonders in Letterland

Episode 2 (Debbie in the Land of B)

First Transmitted 11.4.1985



Peter MacKriel as Balthazar



Debbie and the Gardener arrive outside a large pair of gates shaped like the letter B. They head towards them, but a guard appears. They are both terrified.

In the T-Room, T-Bag is chortling because she believes that they will never get past her magical guard. This is the first time that we see T-Shirt, incidentally.

Debbie addresses the guard, but he doesn't move or respond in any way. The Gardener tries knocking on his head, but there is no response. He decides the guard must be a statue.

T-Bag brings the Guard to life through her saucer.

The Gardener starts laughing because he can't believe that they were so scared of a statue. The guard then shouts "Boo" at him and he is terrified again. T-Bag then appears and explains that they will never pass her guard and orders the guard not to let them pass. She then vanishes.

The guard tells Debbie and the Gardener that they will never pass because he has been standing there for 400 years and not let anyone through. He tells them that he will only let them pass if they can guess his name. Debbie decides that it must begin with the letter B, and starts reeling off names beginning with B. The guard laughs at her feeble attempts, and tells them that they will never pass. Debbie has a brainwave and whispers to the Gardener, they then head back through the tree to the first square to get something. The guard gets out a comic book and starts looking at it.

T-Shirt is brewing tea for T-Bag. She drinks it and then has a look in the saucer and is furious when she sees the guard looking at the comics.

She appears by the guard and tells him off. He drops the comic. She notices that the guard is wearing braces and is angry because she didn't issue him with them. The guard explains that he needs them because his bloomers have got too big and baggy.

T-Shirt starts looking at the comic and asks T-Bag what the funny squiggly patterns are (the words). T-Bag tells him that they don't concern him and takes the comic off him. She conjurs up a bin and puts the comic in it. T-Shirt takes it out whilst she isn't looking and then T-Bag magics the bin away. She then tells him to take them back to the T-Room to prove that he has made progress with his magic lessons. He tries, but nothing happens, so T-Bag goes into a long tirade. about how he can never get anything right. Whist she is whinging, T-Shirt tries again, but only succeeds in transporting her top half. Then he brings it back and gets rid of her bottom half. He brings that back and then T-Bag takes them back to the T-Square.

Debbie and the gardenr come back through the tree blowing party whistles and holding a cake. They tell the guard that it is his birthday, and that makes him really happy. The guard wants them to play a game, so Debbie decides on I-Spy and spies something beginning with B. The Gardener and the Guard don't understand how to play it because they don't know what letters are. Debbie explains the rules of the game and then they try to guess. It turns out to be "Boots". Debbie then starts singing happy birthday to him and the guard joins in. He lets it slip that his name is Balthazzar during the song.

After the song, Debbie asks if they can pass, but theBalthazzar tells them that they can't because they haven't guessed his name. Debbie tells him what his name is and the guard is amazed. Debbie tells him that a little bird wearing braces told her and Balthazzar twigs that he has been tricked. He is really upset because it isn't his birthday at all. Balthazzar then refuses to let them pass unless they can entertain him. He tells Debbie to dance for him. Debbie can't dance, however. The Gardener sees a clump of flute grass growing nearby, so he cuts a blade and plays beautiful music through it. When he starts playing, Debbie starts dancing beautifully. Balthazzar is thrilled and tells her to dance again.

T-Bag sees this in the saucer, as does T-Shirt, who is captivated, but T-Bag blocks up the flute grass. Debbie's dancing comes to an abrupt end when the music stops.

T-Bag then gets out a little bag with her treasure in it. She tips it onto the table. It turns out to be three golden letter T's. She explains that she couldn't live without them as they are her pride and joy. T-Shirt, meanwhile, wants to see Debbie dancing some more, so he unblocks the flute grass.

The Gradener tries to play the grass again and succeeds. Debbie starts dancing again.

T-Bag hears the music and is angry with T-Shirt. She turns the flute into a banana.

Balthazzar demands that Debbie dances or he will not allow her to pass. Debbie pleads with him, but he turns his back on her. Debbie notices that he has the letter B on the back of his braces. The Gardener grabs Balthazzar's scimitar and cuts his braces. Debbie grabs the B as Balthazzar's trousers fall down. The Gardener taunts Balthazaar, and Balthazzar goes to chase him, but falls over his trousers. The Gardener yells at Debbie to run, but Debbie says that she won't leave without him. The Gardener tells her to go as there will be others to help her, so she goes.

T-Bag sees what has happened and is furious. She zaps Balthazaar and he vanishes.


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