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Thames Publicity Photos

Photos licensed by the studios for publicising T-Bag
Raymond Childe has sent me his fantastic collection of the black and white photos used by the studios for publication in magazines, newspapers, etc. There are also some of his own snaps in here, too. All black and white images are used courtesy of Thames Television.


1. T. Bag and T-Shirt in the T-Square in "Wonders in Letterland"

2. Hickory Dickory-Dock in "T-Bag Strikes Again"

3. Prince Pimple encounters Princess T-Bag in "T-Bag Strikes Again"

4. Master Edward and Mrs Jolly in "T-Bag's Christmas Cracker"

5. Tallulah Bag glamour shot in "Revenge of the T-Set"

6. The High T-Lady on her throne in "Revenge"

7. T-Bag, T-Shirt and Sally out in the cold in "T-Bag's Christmas Carol"

8. Tabatha Bag as the Lady in Red in "Pearls of Wisdom"

9. Tabatha in restoration costume in "Pearls"

10. Vanity Bag in her dressing room in "Christmas Ding-Dong"

11. Vanity and Tabatha pose for the camera in "Ding-Dong"

12. Tabatha and Vanity back to back in "Ding-Dong"

13. The Arch Duke in "Ding-Dong"

14. Maria as fairy in "Ding-Dong"

15. Vanity as fairy in "Ding-Dong"

16. Arch Duke in "Ding-Dong"

17. Vanity in "Ding-Dong"

18. Pumpernickle in "Ding-Dong"

19. Vanity and Tabatha battle it out in "Ding-Dong"

20. Tabatha as Scarlet O'Sugar in "Rings of Olympus"

21. Tabatha and T-Shirt as Greek Gods in "Rings of Olympus"

22. Polly as Scarlet O'Sugar in "Rings of Olympus"

23. Granny and T-Shirt in Halloween costume in "Rings of Olympus"

24. Tabatha and T-Shirt as mounties in "Rings of Olympus"

25. Tabatha as Rich Lady and T-Shirt in "Rings of Olympus"

26. Queen Elizabeth I in "Rings of Olympus"

27. Tabatha as Russian Bride in "Sunstones of Montezuma"

28. Maria in "Ding-Dong"

29. Tallulah Bag in the black Star Dress in "Turn on to T-Bag"

30. T-Shirt as Elf in "Christmas Cracker"