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T-Bag Props

Some of the survivors

When I went down for the filming of the reunion DVD, I was lucky enough to be able to photograph some of the surviving props that various members of the cast had brought in to show us.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a photograph of Kellie Bright's silver spoon that she still owns to this day, but I have done a lot of research on these spoons and managed to find one that is very similar. I have started a new section on replica props for this.

Some other props were hired for the show from a company called "The Trading Post". You will sometimes see them popping up in various places on TV to this day. The High-T Lady's throne is currently appearing in a cleaning product commercial, for instance!!!!

Anyway, I have managed to photograph the original props that were brought in by the cast for your delight.

Original props

Hired props (under construction)

Replica props