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Breed your own Nibbles!

How to make your own hippy tennis ball

These charming little creatures will make ideal companions for your desk at work or college. Yah, right. Tell me another one! They are the version of nibble that is seen at the very end of the episode, stuck to Tow-Ling.



You will need:

Fake fur (the exact shade is called "honey") with 2" pile

Blue 5mm teddy bear eyes

Ping-Pong balls

A marker pen


Needle and thread

Black thread

Sewing machine, or a lot of patience and experience in hand embroidery

Making the beast

1. Place the CD on the WRONG side of the fake fur. and draw around it with the marker.


2. Mark where you want the face to be on the fur with the marker.


3. Using the black thread, embroider Nibbles's smile onto the fur using the shortest, widest zig-zag stitch possible on your machine. Hand embroider if you don't have a machine.


4. Stitch all around the outside of the fur circle, about 3mm from the cut edge. Make sure that the thread is secured firmly at the start of your stitching. Use fairly large stitches, since you will be using them to gather the fur later.


5. Attach the eyes to the circle in the correct place. You may need to trim the points off the eyes on the wrong side of the fabric, since they need to allow for the ping-pong ball. If you do this, however, be sure that you leave enough of the eye-stalk so that the disc can still grip and the eyes don't fall out!

Place the ping-pong ball inside the fur, and use you stitches to gather up the fur around it. Sew gathered edges together securely, and brush the pile of the fur out to completely cover you work at the back.


Now give them to all your friends and family. I'm sure they'll be grateful!