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Well, it has taken a while, but I'm starting to put together some of my favourite sounds from the various series. Click on a link to download the sound files (all .wav format and pretty poor quality - for speed of download. No files are larger than 200Kb).

T-Bag Strikes Again 

2. T-Bag challenging Charlie Chuckle's conjuring skills to something a little bigger than he had bargained for (she's referring to Debbie) (episode 9).

3. T-Bag and Debbie argue over who Charlie hands the number 9 to for a magic trick (episode 9).

4. T-Bag inviting Debbie to relax in the T-Room (episode 10).

5. T-Bag telling Debbie exactly what she thinks of her (episode 10).

6. T-Shirt tricking T-Bag into letting him go after Debbie to give her the numbers (episode 10).

T-Bag Bounces Back
1. T-Bag complements Major Happy on his wonderful Glockenspiel playing in episode 1.

2. T-Bag chastising T-Shirt for leaving Debbie out in the cold in episode 1.

3. T-Bag is wished away by Debbie and the genie in episode 2.

4. One of T-Bags catchphrases uttered with considerable venom in episode 3.

5. T-Bag tries to pass herself off as a pirate in episode 4.

6. Bobby Jobsworth encounters T-Bag in one of her many disguises in episode 5.

7. T-Bag realises she has let Debbie escape in episode 5.

7. Debbie "sympathises" with King Rufus over the loss of his dog. I include this because the delivery of Debbie's line is a bit overacted so it sounds as though she's being really sarcastic (to be fair, though, it is quite a tough line because you can't really say "Oh dear! I'm very sorry to hear that!" and sound sincere - try it for yourself!). This clip is from the 7th episode.

8. T-Bag tells T-Shirt her first name (the first time that we hear it, too!) so that he can finish singing "Happy Birthday" to her in episode 8.

9. T-Shirt gives T-Bag one of her birthday presents, but she gets more than she bargained for in episode 8.

10. Uncle Jumbo dismisses Nickdit from his chamber without any tea in episode 9. I include this one because it is my sister's favourite, and she finds the line "It's all...(stuffs food in mouth)...FEENEESHED!" very useful when she doesn't want to share her sweets.

11. Another of my sister's favourites. T-Bag tempts the Fat Bloke to a tray of cream buns, using very vivid verbal imagery in episode 9.

12. Major Happy gets on T-Bags nerves in episode 10.

13. I had to include this one. You won't hear a scream like this again for a long time! T-Bag is destroyed in episode 10.

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