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Reading the T-Leaves

Press cutting relating to T-Bag

For the real T-Bag anoraks amongst us (okay, I'm guilty as charged!), Lee Pressman has lent me some of his press cuttings from the time. Some of these images are HUGE, (the largest being 644Kb - over half a Mb).

Official Paperwork


This is the official T-Bag flyer that Thames studio issued summarising the plot (I assume for preliminary information for new staff and actors). This must have been produced around the time of "Revenge of the T.Set" judging by the photographs of "Turn on to T-Bag" on the second side.

Cast Interviews

These are interviews from the time that appeared in children's magazines such as Lookin. They give some insight into how the child actors coped with their roles.


Here are some snippets from newspapers which mention T-Bag...


...and features from schedule and kids' magazines. The two snippets on the right announce the arrival of T-Bag on our screens in 1985!

During Filming:

And Finally...

Here are some television ratings from the time. Note in one week, T-Bag had more viewers than even the mighty Dr. Who!