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A Selection of songs from the show by Terry Trower
During the filming of the T. Bag reunion, Terry Trower left a CD of song recordings with Lee for his perusal. Lee allowed me to borrow it, and I have included a copy here by kind permission of Terry Trower, the composer.

The Recordings

Incidental and Instrumental tracks


1. "Wonders in Letterland" performed on flute. This was used when the Gardener was enchanting Debbie to dance for Balthazaar in the land of B, using that wonderful plot device "Flute Grass".

2. Various versions of the trill that the Gardener performs when he is trying out the flute grass. You can hear Terry talking to the musician. I think the first trill was used when T. Shirt repairs the flute.

3. More versions of the flute trilling away. These weren't used.

4. A quick musical sting of the first few bars of "Wonders in Letterland". This was used when the gardener first cuts the flute grass and tries it out.

5. Various xylophone glissandos probably recorded for episode 1 of "Wonders in Letterland". I don't think these were used.


"Wonders in Letterland" Songs

1. T. Bag's Song from Episode 1. Performed by Elizabeth Estensen

2. The Gardener's Ditty. Notice that there are two halves to it. The second half wasn't used. Performed by Jim Norton.

3. Skipper McKipper's song performed by Jim Norton.

4. Seraphina the Seasprite's song performed by Deborah Thau.

5. Debbie's song performed by Jennie Stallwood.

6. Rascally Roger's song performed by Jim Norton.

7. Wise Old Vulture's song performed by John Thirtle.

8. Fife O'Clock's song performed by Jim Norton.

9. Emperor of E's song performed by Terence Conoley.


Backing Tracks (instrumental part only)

1. "Gypsy Song" from "Revenge of the T. Set" episode "Anastasia". Notice this is Take 4 and the first time they go for it, the musician playing the dulcimer maskes a mistake and they go again. You have to listen hard for the mistake, it isn't that obvious.

2. The end of "Gypsy Song". Maybe to be cut into another recording that didn't quite work at the end?

3. "Act II Aria from 'The Enchanted Trombone'" from "T-Bag's Christmas Ding-Dong". None of the vocals for these were pre-recorded, so I guess they were performed live as the episode was filmed. Try singing along to this - the timing is very tricky in parts.

4. "The Christmas Fairy" part 1. Opera from "T-Bag's Christmas Ding-Dong"

5. "The Christmas Fairy" part 2. Opera from "T-Bag's Christmas Ding-Dong"

6. "The Christmas Fairy" part 3, Opera from "T-Bag's Christmas Ding-Dong"