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Teddington Studios

The T-Bag series was filmed at what used to be the Thames studios at Teddington Lock, just down the road from Kingston Upon Thames.

The studios themselves have been used to film many productions since the collapse of Thames, including the infamous Pop Idol, reality TV style sitcom The Office, BBC's morning discussion show Kilroy, Men Behaving Badly, and weekend morning Kid's show Diggit.

The staff of the T-Room managed to secure an all-access private tour at the studios in February 2011, that included anything we wanted to see. Click here to read what we found out and see some exclusive photographs from the studios.

Here are some photos that I took a few years back to show you the outside of the studios and the location where the filming took place.


Teddington Studios main entrance - taken in Broom Rd.

The Studios from the other side of the Thames. The buildings you can see are Haymarket publishing, which is sort of bolted on at the back of the studio complex. They produce various magazines such as Gardener's World, etc.

Practically the same photo, even though I walked a good distance down the lane towards Kingston since the photo above - this is a seriously large building!

This photo shows the surroundings of the studios. It is facing the bridge crossing the Thames with the studios behind me and to my right. The area is lovely - relatively quiet considering that we are still in the London area (albeit a fairly long way from the centre!). Bits of The Bill were also filmed in this area - one episode featured the Bentall Centre in Kingston just down the river.


This is a photograph of the studios from the air. Broom Road is to the south and the Thames to the North.

The majority of the T-Bag series was filmed in Studio 3. This is Teddington's smallest studio, but it has been home to some of Thames's biggest childrens' shows, such as "Rainbow" and "Magpie". To get an idea of just how small the studio was, click here for a floorplan.

I have also discovered this wonderful behind the scenes clip from "Magpie" on television cameras, where they pan around the entire studio multiple times. You can see just how tiny it is - amazing when you consider that this very smae space was tranformed into Hickory's town, Major Happy's town, Captain Cockle's village, various forests, castles, etc.