The T-Room
Counter: 1995

T. Bag Retro Sketch - The "Compost Heap" costume

Possibly one of the easiest costumes that I have ever made. It only took a few minutes to put together, and the rest was just paintwork.

The dress

The rags. The picture to the left shows the front, the picture to the right shows the back.

This costume is made from suedette material. I chose this because it is relatively cheap, extremely tough and doesn't fray. The fact it doesn't fray means that I could hack it up as much as I liked and the raggedy edges would hold without bits dropping off.

The costume is in two pieces: a full length tunic in dark brown and a poncho in tan suedette over the top. A jute rope belt cinches the waist. The belt is finished with two wooden beads.


The tunic.

The Tunic is made from a single piece of fabric folded over with a hole cut in it for the head. Gaps have been left for the arms and the seams at the sides have been crudely stiched together with jute twine. The side edges and hem have been shredded with a pair of scissors. The poncho was made in much the same way, but without any stitching.

Detail of the costume. The picture on the left shows the paint job, the image on the right shows the patch.


In order to make the costume look filthy, it was dabbed with an almost dry sponge with dark green acrylic paint in fabric medium. The lighter patches were then spray painted on using metallic gold paint. Metallic gold on brown fabric is very good at making it look dirty if done sparingly enough! Because the poncho was a lighter colour fabric, I used a dark brown acrylic instead of gold to make it look filthy.

To finish it off, I added a patch of the orange duchess satin used for the red dress, wonder-webbed it in place and then crudely stitched it with jute for "decoration".