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Behind the Magic

A glimpse of life off camera

So what was it like off-screen in the world of T-Bag? These photographs from Lee Pressman's own collection give some idea. Click on a thumbnail to view the full size image.

Studio Photos:

 Here is the "Star Shot" photograph of Elizabeth Estensen as T-Bag that was used in Teddington Lock studios.
Costume Shots:

Photographs were often taken for continuity reasons, but also as mementos for the crew.

Elizabeth Estensen as T-Bag and Frank Thornton as Count Boris in costumes from "T-Bag Bounces Back" Episode 3 - "Ivan the Horrible"


John Hasler as T-Shirt and Jennie Stallwood as Debbie from "T-Bag Strikes Again"


Jennie Stallwood as Debbie and Jim Norton as Thomas' Grandad in "Wonders in Letterland"

Posing Shots:

Sometimes, filming just had to wait whilst the cast and crew posed for a quick snap.

Jennie Stallwood and John Hasler get a lift from the mighty Bernard Bresslaw (Omar Caraffe - "Bounces Back" Ep2: "Nights in Arabia")


Jim Norton showing us the ropes as Rascally Roger ("Wonders" Ep6 "Debbie in the Land of R")


Y-Fronts (Lewis George) towers above T-Shirt (John Hasler) and Penny (Evelyn Sweeney) ("Sunstones" Ep9 "Y-Fronts")


You saw it here first, folks - Tallulah actually looks like she's getting on with the children... or maybe she's going to strangle them!


The stars of the show - Lee Pressman (Left) and Grant Cathro (right) pose with Elizabeth Estensen, John Hasler and Jennie Stallwood


During Filming:

Lights, camera, action! Photos taken on set whilst the cameras were rolling.


"Christmas Ding-Dong" opera sequence as photographed from the control gallery. By this time, T-Bag was being filmed in Studio 2.


Leon Thau (pronounced "Thor" as in God of Thunder, and also original director of T-Bag) giving direction to John Hasler during the filming of episode 7 of "Wonders in Letterland" (Debbie in the Land of V).


I-i-i-i-ignoring the cameras during the filming of episode 10 of "Wonders in Letterland" (Back to Square One).



Between Takes:

The cast on their lunch breaks would often have to stay in full costume and makeup!

Lewis George as Y-Fronts and Denise Coffey as Granny Bag order their lunch as Executive Producer Charles Warren looks on.


A Bit of a Giggle:

Yes, the crew do have fun also!

Lee Pressman relaxing in his lounge at home... Or was it on the set of the T-Room in "Christmas Carol"? No really, I forget!


Yes, this exploding Christmas pudding is ticking. Don't try this at home, kids!


Special Defects :

And finally, when everything is on film, it is time to add the special effects.

Debbie thinks small. Filmed against a blue screen, the blue background will be chromakeyed out and replaced with a blue background (ahem!).


Stunt Debbie doll is mounted on a rod, and then spun at incredible speeds (!) to achieved that oh-so-realistic transition from the real world to the world of T-Bag.