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Main Characters

Here is a basic outline of each of the main characters in the series. To find an up-to-the-minute rundown of each actor's career, click on the name of the actor or actress. This will take you to the appropriate page of the IMDb.

Tallulah Bag - Tabatha Bag - T-Shirt - Tow-Ling Shirt - The Girls

Tallulah Bag (Elizabeth Estensen)

She was the original T-Bag. She is an evil enchantress who was always hell-bent on taking over the world, being empress of evil, etc. (even though she is of diminutive stature and lives inside various objects in a junk shop). She would often refer to herself as the "Great High-T" (the head of the T-Set), although in her last series, we learn that this is not the case as the T-Set is really an organisation for the power of good, and T-Bag has been kicked out of it.

The source of T-Bags power is an endless stream of cups of tea served to her by her T-Caddy (T-Shirt), which he brews from the leaves of her evil T-Plant. By pouring the dregs of the tea into her saucer, She could also see what was going on outside the T-Room. Without the T-Plant, T-Bag is powerless.

Tallulah as a character was terribly British, but in a rather grandiose manner. You always respected her as the villain of the piece. As with all good baddies, she had cut-glass diction delivered in true R.P. She wielded her powers with drama and flair, and had tremendous presence and majesty when she drew herself up to her full height and uttered "You dare to trifle with me?". The other characters got to see her as both awe inspiring and dangerous.

The other characters (except for T-Shirt) did not, however, get to see the other side of Talullah. She had a side that was soft, vulnerable and caring, although extremely vain. She was terribly feminine and a real English Rose. It was this side, I think, that won her the hearts of her viewers.

Tallulah reigned for 5 series and appeared in 2 Christmas Specials.

Tabatha Bag (Georgina Hale)

Tabatha was the sister of Tallulah. She too was a power crazed enchantress, but she was totally different from her sister. She was nothing like Tallulah, in that she was totally outrageous as a character. She was loud, brash, and (at times) downright strange! I think that of the two sisters, Tallulah was the one that went to finishing school, whereas Tabatha was never sent because her parents worried that she would flick bogeys at the teacher.

Tabatha came across as desperately wanting to be the villain, but not being comfortable enough in her own skin to carry it off. She wanted to be in charge, but she didn't have the nouse that her sister had. She therefore relied on T-Shirt a lot for the brainwork.

You get the feeling that Tabatha really had a big heart, and she didn't get all the breaks that Tallulah got. Tallulah was probably the whiny little sister that ran to Mumsy all the time and got Tabatha into trouble.

I think that if you got under the skin of Tabatha, you would find a real gem that only wanted power so that people would finally give her the respect that she deserved, so she could come out of her sister's huge shadow.

As a character, she was extremely entertaining. The T-Bag series took a new turn with her in the lead, allowing the character of T-Shirt to go from strength to strength as the roles reversed - T-Bag was now the comedy relief whilst T-Shirt became the brains of the operation.

Tabatha was never ultimately destroyed, and she reigned for 4 series and appeared in 2 Christmas Specials.


T-Shirt (John Hasler) 

T-Shirt was the only character that was played by the same actor throughout the series. He started off as a really young boy (he was nine years old), and by the time the series ended, he towered above T-Bag (must have been around 18), but somehow, the relationship still worked.

T-Shirt was a T-Caddy to both T-Bags. A T-Caddy, as far as I can make out, undergoes years of training at the T-Caddy Academy, before being assigned to a member of the T-Set to act as a general slave. The most important duty of the T-Caddy is to make cups of tea from the leaves of their master/mistresses T-Plant. This keeps the master/mistress empowered with the magic of the plant.

The character grew and matured convincingly with the actor, in that he developed from a chirpy, cheeky, mischievous schoolboy into a chirpy but bright teenager, who would answer T-Bag back more and even have stand up rows with her. As Tabatha descended into insanity with the passing of the series, T-Shirt gradually became the real brains of the outfit, trying his best to help T-Bag. Usually, it would be Tabatha who would mess everything up in the later series.

The character nearly always followed the same pattern. In the first episode of each series, he would be captured and put under T-Bag's power, then by the penultimate episode, he would leave T-Bag to assist the girl collecting the missing items. Exceptions to this are:

i) Wonders in Letterland - T-Shirt is ambivalent throughout the series and leaves T-Bag a few times.

ii) Turn on to T-Bag - His magic wasn't taken away because T-Bag became distracted in the process. This ultimately led to her downfall as T-Shirt was able to repair the broken jamming device and destroy her.

iii) Sunstones of Montezuma - T-Shirt was already in T-Bags power when the series started. Also he doesn't leave T-Bag until the very last episode, nor does he have his magic removed.

iv) Take off with T-Bag - he is already with T-Bag at the start, but he leaves her in the first episode to live with Granny Bag, until T-Bag blows up her house, forcing him to return to her.

Tow-Ling Shirt (Bea Julakasiun) 

Tow-Ling Shirt was introduced as the Asian cousin of T-Shirt during the final series (Take Off with T-Bag). He was a bit of a brain-box who had an uncanny knack of reading space-time co-ordinates. Like his cousin before him, he was undergoing training at the T-Caddy Academy, but he ran away because he was bullied by the teachers who would call him names and flush his head down the toilet.

He comes to stay with T-Bag and T-Shirt, and is reluctantly taken under T-Bag's wing because he is the only one who she feels can really help to get her birthday surprise. He ends up in lots of scrapes, including being sold into slavery in Ancient Rome and shrinking T-Bag to the size of a liquorice allsort!


The Girls 

i) Debbie (Jennie Stallwood)

Tallulah Bag's biggest and most enduring enemy (she appeared in the first 3 series). Often referred to as "Smarty Pants Deborah", "Little Miss Gingernut" or even "Miss Knowitall, Miss Smartypants, Miss Pesky, Nosey Parker Clevercloggs" by Tallulah. She was the only girl who transported herself into the object possessed by T-Bag, which she accomplished by "Thinking small".

ii) Holly-Anna Jones (Diana Barrand)

She was a television presenter until T-Shirt summoned her to help get rid of Tallulah by collecting the crystals for the jammer in "Turn on to T-Bag". She appeared in one series.

iii) Sally Simpkins (Kellie Bright)

This girl defeated Tallulah for the last time by reflecting a spell back at her from a polished gong in "Revenge of the T-Set". She also went on to defeat Tabatha Bag for the first time in "Pearls of Wisdom". Sally was the only one of the girls to appear in a T-Bag Christmas Special ("T-Bag's Christmas Carol").

iv) Polly (Natalie Wood)

Polly (or Pollyzena as she was originally known) began life as a servant to the Gods on Mount Olympus and was Athena's personal handmaiden in "Rings of Olympus". She appeared in one series.

v) Penny Hunt (Evelyn Sweeney)

She was the daughter of the anchor character Diggory in "Sunstones of Montezuma". The actress that played her appeared in the following series ("Take off with T-Bag") as a guest star in one episode playing a Roman girl named Letitia.