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T-Room FAQ

These are some of the more commonly asked questions about this site - not many at the moment, but the list will be updated.


i) Where can I lay my hands on T-Bag videos?
You will now be happy to know that the adventures of T. Bag are now being released for general purchase and are available to buy from all good retailers. Keep an eye on online DVD outlets such as Amazon because they are ofter available for pre-order at a discount price if not released already.

ii) Will you copy me XYZ series of T-Bag?
I used to do copies of T-Bag, but now I don't. When you do something for nothing, people start to take advantage of you and prey on your good nature, so I put a stop to it. I will certainly not copy the T-Bag series for any price either, because I do not believe in profiting from somebody else's work. I'm afraid that you will have to look elsewhere!

iii) Why have you put the name of the Site on all the images?

I have invested a lot of time and effort in creating this site, and most of the images were generated by me at great cost of both time and money. I have noticed that more T-Bag sites are popping up around the place just lately, and, whilst I welcome this, I am just trying to protect my own site from being hijacked, and that the material within remains original. Hopefully, this will prevent a string of identical T-Bag sites springing up, as this sometimes happens with other programmes where images are limited. Also, it prevents parasitism of my Website by the more unscrupulous Webmasters who may want to pass the images off as their own and steal bandwidth from my site by linking directly to the images from theirs.

Some images on the site are not "stamped". Such images were not generated by me, but have been taken from elsewhere.

iv) Can you give me <cast or crew member's> home contact details?

The answer to this is "DEFINITELY NOT!!!!!". The members of the cast or crew that I have come into contact with have been kind enough to entrust me with their contact details, and I am certainly not going to give them out to any potential raging psychopath that comes along. If you want to contact one of the cast members, then I suggest that you go through the proper channels (i.e. the television company, their agent, etc.).