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The T-Bag series ran on a very limited budget. As a result of this financial constraint, many things would have to be skimped on. One of the things that wasn't, however, definitely has to be costume.

The costumes for the T-Bag series were designed by the very talented Raymond Childe. They were often extremely elaborate, and no detail was ever spared. This can be seen in the following stills:


The T-Room has now acquired three of Georgina Hale's (Tabatha Bag's) costumes. These costumes were sold originally along with the residue of the wardrobe department for Thames Television to a certain Mary Hill, who was a makeup artist with Thames until it became part of Fremantle Media. She could not accommodate all of the costumes, and so she sold some off.

I stumbled across a website for a fancy dress shop (called As if by Magic) when searching for T-Bag information on the Net, just to keep up with what was available to see if I could offer anything different. When I saw the original red dress from "Pearls of Wisdom"/"Rings of Olympus", I emailed the establishment directly to ask whether they were willing to hire or sell the costumes to me. They wrote back saying that they would be willing to sell, although I would have to wait for the red dress as it was on tour with a troupe of young actors for around three months. I agreed and travelled to the shop to get the nightie. It is now safely stored in a large box containing both silica gel to ward off damage from damp and also moth balls to keep the bugs out. The red dress and Carmen dress are in separate boxes, again with moth balls. Here they will stay, in suspended animation, retired and preserved for the years to come, or until T-Bag is elevated to its deserved cult status and the costumes are required for exhibitions, or if T-Bag conferences are held and Georgina Hale feels the need to get into character once more. It's nice to dream!

I have also been given the jacket from Elizabeth's Estensen's Merry Pippins costume by Raymond Childe, the costume designer for all but one of the T-Bag series. I am extremely grateful to him for parting with it.

I have also had my own foray into costume making and replicated Tallulah Bag's Red Velvet dress.

Anyway, one of the main reasons that I bought the costumes was for your enjoyment, so in order to appreciate the full glory and intricacy of them, click on an image below. Alternatively, if you want to see images of the key T-Bag costumes, click here.

Original Screen-Used Costumes

Replica costumes made by The T-Room