The T-Room
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Behind the Scenes

This section aims to deal with various bits and bobs that you never knew about the series. If there is anything that you would like to see in this section, then please drop me a line.


Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro talk about how T-Bag was developed, the difficulties of running on a tight budget in a tiny studio and the tenth series that never happened.

Raymond Childe talks about life as a costume designer for T-Bag, and the costumes he designed for the show.

Georgina Hale Talks about how she first became an actor, her experience as T-Bag, and what she will be doing next.

The T-Room on Location

This is the bit where I travel all the way to London from the T-Room to find locations where T-Bag was filmed (there were only two, so this isn't as demanding as it sounds).

The Curiosity Shop - You may recall that the very first sequence of the T-Bag series was filmed at a small shop somewhere in London. This shop was to become Thomas's (T-Shirt's) Granddad's shop. I have found and travelled to this shop, and hopefully put some interesting bits together for the real T-Bag anoraks amongst us! Here's an anorak fact for you - did you know that the outside of this shop was used for "Little Britain"? It featured at the very beginning of the "Pirate Memory Game" sketch (series 1, episode 7, sketch 2).

Teddington Studios - The entire series (apart from the very first scene of the very first series) was filmed at what was then the Thames Television studios at Teddington Lock. These are now utility studios that can be hired for major TV productions. I have been lucky enough to have a private tour of these studios for the T-Room, and this can be found in this section.

Costume and props

Ever wondered what a T-Bag costume looks like up close? The T-Room has the answer!

The Pearl Dress suffered some damage before coming to the T-Room. Click here to see the restoration project.

Raymond Childe has kindly sold the T-Room some of his design sketches for the show! Click here to see more.

Some of the cast of T-Bag have kept some of the props from the show! Have a look here for details.

Costume trivia galore! Click here to see how costumes were used and re-used during the run of the show.

Ever wanted your own T-Plant? Click here to find out how easy it is!

Eww! There's something hairy eating all my paper clips! Oh, it's only nibbles! Click here to find out how to make your own.

Terry Trower (the composer for the show) has kindly allowed me to include the original recordings of some of the songs from the show. Pin back your lug 'oles and soak up the sweet sounds here.
Behind the Scenes Photographs

Lee Pressman has agreed to let me publish some of the photographs in his collection.

Raymond Childe has given me four photo albums full of behind the scenes pictures! Click here!
Press Cuttings

Cuttings from Lookin, the TV Times, etc.

Behind the Scenes of the T-Bag Reunion DVD!
I had a great experience going to meet everyone at the "Great T. Bag Tea Party" at Lee Pressman's house. Click here to read an account of the filming of the upcoming DVD!
The making of the T. Bag Retro Sketch ("T. Bag Returns")
Ok, this may seem a bit self-indulgent on my part, but there may be some of you who would be interested to know a bit about the process of putting together the retro sketch film. Click here to find out more!