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Anchor Characters

Here is a basic outline of each of the anchor characters in the series. To find an up-to-the-minute rundown of each actor's career, click on the name of the actor or actress. This will take you to the appropriate page of the IMDb.

Each series generally had the same structure; the first episode always had the 3 main characters and one other character who was always the keeper of the artifacts and served as an "anchor" to the story. These characters were:-

The Gardener

The Gardener as played by Jim Norton

The Gardener is the first anchor character. He lives in the first square of the "Wonders in Letterland" boardgame, where the letters chest is to be found. I was a bit confused before, thinking that it was Thomas's Grandad, but I'll excuse myself because the same actor plays Thomas's Grandad.


Hickory Dickory-Dock

Hickory playing with his bell. As played by Roy Barraclough

Hickory was the town crier in the first story of the book which featured in the second series. He wasn't exactly the owner of the silver numbers from the clock, but he was directly linked to them as he couldn't perform his job without a working clock.

Major Happy

Major Happy having a quick tinkle. As played by Tony Haygarth.

Major happy was the owner of the magical golden Glockenspiel with which he made everyone happy in the musical box and was responsible for maintaining harmony in his world.

Professor Sparkes

Professor Sparkes fondling his spectacles. As played by Ken Jones.

He was the owner of the jamming device and hence the crystals which were an integral part of it.

The High T-Lady

The High T-Lady sitting on the throne. As played by Jan Holden.

She was the head of the T-Set and responsible for the safekeeping of the silver T-Spoons.

Captain Cockle  

Captain Cockle being very old and very wise. As played by Ivan Beavis.

He had been entrusted with the Pearls of Wisdom by "someone very old and very wise".

The Godess Athena

The Godess Athena as played by Helen Lindsay

The source of her power was the ten magical golden rings that had been made from the legendary golden fleece recovered by Jason. These were worn around her neck on an elaborate necklace.

Diggory Hunt

Diggory putting his hands up. As played by Christopher Bramwell.

He was the father of Penny and was an archaeologist. As such, he wanted to put the Sunstones of Montezuma into a museum rather than let them be abused for evil purposes.

Granny Bag

Granny Bag gives us the finger. As played by Denise Coffey

She created the golden envelopes in the final series.